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Which Fireplace?

The world of fireplaces is ever changing and quickly evolving, and today there are not only hundreds of colours and styles available to choose from, but also a plethora of materials as well. If you’re in the market for a new focal point, but aren’t sure which way to turn, you could very easily get lost in a tangle of fieldstones, ledgestones and concrete slabs.

Sometimes, though, nothing beats a good classic.

If you’re after a safe bet, here are three proven materials to consider:

The Adam Southwold Fireplace in Oak and CreamMDF

Although the name can put people off, MDF is a versatile material that is a surprising candidate for a fireplace choice. Straightforward to install and maintain, they are the favourite option for DIY buffs.


+ Cheapest

+ Easy to Manipulate

+ Easy to Move, and Easy to Change


+ Not as Majestic as Marble

+ Limited Suitability

+ Susceptible to Damage


The Cuba Fireplace in Sparkly White with DownlightsMarble

The archetype building material of fireplaces, its day is certainly not done just yet, and marble is still a fantastic, popular option for making a fireplace. Its inherent quality is sure to make it a focal point that adds class to any interior.


+ Quality Finish

+ Versatility

+ Sturdy and Durable


+ Price Tag

+ Maintenance

+ Limited Functionality


The Zurich Fireplace in Black GraniteGranite

A popular, modern alternative, granite manages to combine a lot of the allure that marble carries, but brings with it an edgy, contemporary feel as well. Sharing the high quality feel of marble, this is another material that will add class to your living room.


+ Looks the Part

+ Solid by Name, Solid By Nature

+ Stays Clean


+ Price Tag

+ Darkening Factor

+ Limited Choice


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