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10 Reasons Why You Really Need an Electric Fire

More than just a fad, electric fires have hit the mainstream big time, and are allowing people who have never considered a fire before to create a beautiful focal point in their home.

There’s no two ways about it: electric fires are here, and they’re here to stay.

But why exactly should you buy an electric fire? Or if you already have a gas or solid fuel fire, why should you make the switch? Read on to find out!


1. Safety

One of the major benefits of electric fires is that their lack of gas or real flames makes them a lot safer than their gas and solid fuel counter parts. Fingers can’t be burnt, hair can’t be singed, and most modern options also include a safety cut out feature, meaning that the electric supply will automatically cut out should anything go wrong.

2. The Real McCoy

One of the major complaints against using electric fires is their distinct lack of resemblance to a real fire, right? Well this fear is ever-increasingly becoming an issue of the past. Ever-advancing technology has allowed the creation of more and more realistic effects, and now there are several different “flames” to choose from.
Have a look at our Best Electric Fire Flame Effects post to find out more.

3. No Installation Cost

Flues, engineers, installation and chimneys: fireplaces have a bit of reputation for a being a pain to install. One of the best things about an electric fire though, is that the installation is simply plugging it in, and switching it on.

It really couldn’t get any easier if it tried.

4. Easy To Maintain

Fed up of cleaning up the soot from your solid fuel fire, or servicing your gas fire every year? As if our last reason wasn’t enough, an electric fire requires very little maintenance. They don’t need to be checked and serviced regularly, there’s no ash to get rid of after every use, and cleaning is minimal as they just don’t get that dirty!

5. Inexpensive

To get a really good quality gas or solid fuel fire, you’re going to be looking at quite a hefty price tag – factor in the cost for having it assembled and installed, and you’re probably re-thinking the decision to buy a fire! Going electric is just so refreshingly cheap in comparison. Electric fires can be bought for under a hundred pounds, and electric fireplace suites are often supplied fully assembled, with no installation required.

6. 100% Efficiency

Yes, you read that right. It’s common knowledge that gas and solid fuel fires can lose anywhere up to 60% of the heat they generate straight up the chimney. With an electric fire, 100% of the heat generated goes exactly where it should do – into your living room! Not only does this result in more heat where it matters, but it also means you’ll be saving money on the ongoing running costs too.

7. Instant Heat

You flick a switch, and the heat is on. No more gathering coals or logs, trying to light your fire and waiting while it splutters into life, an electric option provides instant heat, exactly when you need it.

8. Heat Control

Is your fire too hot? No problem – modern electric fires come with multiple heat settings, giving you complete control over the heat you’re getting without having to open a window and let out all of the heat you’ve just paid to generate! The majority of electric fires also come with a “flame effect only” setting (some even have a cool blow option as well), meaning you can even have the effect of the fire, without any heat being given off.

9. Compatibility

One of the best features of electric fires is their versatility and usability. Marble, granite, solid wood or MDF; if you can make a fireplace out of it, then chances are, you’ll be able to use an electric fire with it! This will not only help reduce your costs, but also opens up a whole plethora of possibilities, as you really can have any fireplace you’d like, with any fire that you’d like.

10. Mix & Match

Fireplaces aren’t exactly something you buy every day. They require time, thought and careful consideration – after all, the only person who has to look at it every day is you! The great thing about an electric fire is that they often have interchangeable trims and frets, can be moved around and repositioned easily, and can even be swapped completely at relatively low cost. This makes for a truly customisable focal point, that you can change to keep fresh and up-to-date, without having to break the bank.

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