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Rad cover

How To Paint MDF

If you’re like me, MDF brings back memories of musky woodwork classrooms at school. Despite this, MDF is a great material with a ton of applications. Created from tiny particles of softwood that have been fusedContinue reading


The Geo

The Geo   As you might have noticed, Fireplace World has gone Bio Ethanol crazy recently, and we’re really excited about this as it’s given us even more products and options than ever!There are absolutelyContinue reading


The Warwick

The Warwick The Warwick is an eye-catching fireplace, finished in our exquisite, Roman stone micro-marble, and completed with a two stepped hearth, and double header shelf. The gently sloped arch under the mantle complements theContinue reading


How to Clean A Marble Fireplace

Marble sure is great. With its beautiful texture and bright hue, I love the way marble can really bring out the finer features of your fireplace. It surprises many that, despite being a stone, marbleContinue reading

Bio Fuel

Bioethanol – What is it?

      Bioethanol Bioethanol, a blossoming revolution in green energy, is a completely natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fireplace fuels, including gas and electricity. Capable of producing a brilliant and lively real flameContinue reading

Fireplace World

Why Fireplace World

      Why Fireplace World At Fireplace World we take great pride in our ability to design and manufacture all of the Adam products in-house. From concepts to completion, our design and manufacturing teamsContinue reading


What is a Chiminea?

Well we have been quiet havent we? But fear not! Summer is finally approaching and for the first time, we feel like the weather is finally on our side. Okay, so the sunshine isnt goingContinue reading

The Tewkesbury

Buying a Gas Fire

      Buying a Gas Fire!   Picking out the best gas fire to suit your needs can seem like a daunting task; however, you can be assured that we have models available forContinue reading